Utah Scientific Routing

Axon is distributor of Utah Scientific products. Utah Scientific has been on the leading edge of advancing routing technology, and they have passed some significant milestones along the way. Utah Scientific was the first to offer a large-scale digital router and pioneered many of the features that have become commonplace in the industry today: multiformat routing, integrated A/D and D/A conversions on inputs and outputs, integrated fiber-optic conversion, and 300 megabit switching.

Building an IP future
Utah Scientific was also the first to offer a single-link 12G routing switcher. They patented their technology on the first IP video router for the broadcast industry and they continue to help the industry in the transition to IP routing. In addition, their routers are the most energy-efficient on the market and they offer the industry’s widest range of control panels.

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Geert-Jan Gussen | Sales and Marketing

Why should you choose Utah Scientific routers?

  • Total cost of ownership is a critical factor when you’re making a buying decision;
  • Quality is the key to giving customers a better ownership experience from start to finish;
  • Unparalleled product support – we don’t stop after 3-years of support
  • One-step personal involvement. Whatever the question, you will always reach the person who can help you.

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