As the industry faces the challenge of managing new standards and multiple formats for an ever-increasing number of complex delivery platforms, Axon continues to offer the most advanced solutions such as IP, HDR|WCG and Multiview available today. We pioneer ever-more reliable, cost-effective and space-saving solutions that have a big impact in your broadcast infrastructure environment.

IP Solutions: Whilst the transition to IP is inevitable for the broadcast industry, it is clear that the road ahead is not without its pitfalls and distractions along the way. Our customers and we as a manufacturer alike face a steep learning curve as we move into an IT-centric environment – addressing the challenges of different applications and format limitations head on. For those trying to navigate their way through this shifting landscape, it is not only time for a reality check but also for an agnostic solution capable of adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the industry. Learn more >>
HDR|UHD Solutions: UHD has already brought us more pixels. The next logical step is not any additional pixels but better pixels that give a picture with more definition and, most important of all, improved colour reproduction and a higher dynamic range. Which is why the initials HDR (high dynamic range) and WCG (wide colour gamut) have been challenging those of UHD for prominence on booths at trade shows and in new TV sets advertisements. Learn more >>
Multiview Solutions:  Video and audio monitoring has never been more challenging due to the need to deliver increasingly large quantities of content in multiple formats, on multiple devices, at any time. From standalone to modular to integrated multiviewer solutions, our monitoring systems are well-suited to any baseband, IP video monitoring environment — including small-scale installations, large enterprises, truck-based broadcasting, master control rooms, production centers and cable head-ends. Learn more >>