Routing and distribution

Utah Scientific

Utah Scientific’s Routing and Distribution line has been developed to provide a platform for all analog and digital router applications from very small to extremely large matrix configurations.

Some of our routing options

  • 400 Series 3 a mix of SDI and next-Generation IP

    Utah Scientific’s 400 Series 3 platform is the perfect choice for high-density  SDI coupled with the ability to create high-density IP signals from the same central frame. The 400 Series 3 can handle any number of IP and SDI professional video signal  formats along with a number of audio and data formats.

  • 400 Series 2 hybrid enterprise Routers

    The UTAH-400 Series 2 routers are designed to provide a single platform for all signal formats including those used in IP networks. Each router is based on a unique hybrid architecture, making it ideal for even the most complex signal management environments. Robust tools for switching and processing signals drive a complete, integrated, and flexible system for the facilities of today and the future

  • UDS compact series

    The UDS Compact Series is ideal for small applications. The series consists of SDI 10×10 and 20×20 routers.