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When you really ‘must’ do something, like compliance recording or video logging, why not make it easy for yourself? And cost-effective too? More and more broadcasters worldwide are now legally obliged to provide recordings of their transmissions – pretty much on-demand. This is an important part of a broadcast operation. Being able to quickly prove that a transmission actually happened can also help to resolve a dispute, maintain advertiser confidence, or assist support teams in identify and fixing faults.

Reliable, highly cost-efficient, multi-functional and easy to use

TRACS records non-stop, 24/7/365 – with all recording, cataloguing and purging performed automatically. With TRACS your total cost of ownership is far lower, and labor is reduced to a minimum, because operation is maintenance-free. Large hard-disk storage capacity and FIFO-based recording mean that TRACS does away with tape and the associated storage costs completely. Along with compliance recording and video logging TRACS is really useful for company-wide air-check purposes and integrity checking of all your company’s outputs. TRACS also supports notification of video and audio errors via email and SNMP, making the system a valuable and versatile last-point check for your signals before they leave your broadcasting station.


Why not make it easy for yourself? TRACS is...

  • Highly-cost efficient
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reliable
  • Multi-functional
  • Compact

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Joep Akkermans | senior support engineer

What to expect?

Key features of TRACS

  • Live video, audio and Closed Captioning/Teletext
  • Individual audio gain/attenuation settings
  • Record and playback of Closed Captioning and Teletext
  • Burned-in channel name, date and/or time on the video input
  • MPEG2, MPEG4 encoding in various bitrates up to 10Mb/s

Urban Brew Studios Selects Axon’s Compliance System

Sakkie Ferreira, Head of operations at Urban Brew Studios

“"With TRACS2 being used to record many hundreds of TV channels worldwide we believe that it is the natural choice.”
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