UHD and IP Multiviewer


When it comes to speed and flexibility, there is nothing on the market to compare with our SynView, a powerful, modular multiviewer that can handle both UHD and any IP video format. Featuring vastly improved specifications, SynView is the industry’s only single field latency (20ms@50Hz and 16,7ms@59.94Hz) multiviewer system to offer external looping for an unlimited amount of input channels.


World’s fastest 4K & IP multiviewer

Thanks to its modular architecture it can either be used as a stand-alone unit or it can be combined with over 300 different Synapse signal processing modules to provide a system that truly stands out from the competition. SynView’s unequalled low processing delay and start up time makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, from the smallest to the largest, including fast response production monitor walls; high resolution, high source count monitor walls and OB van preview monitoring and shading.


Why should you choose our multiview system?

  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Can handle UHD and any IP video format
  • Linear increase of horse power
  • World’s fastest UHD and IP multiviewer
  • Unlimited amounts of inputs

What to expect?

SynView a future proof multiview solution

  • Agnostic IP video channel picker compatible with formats like ST2110, ST2022-6 and TSN
  • Linear expandable system in steps of 8 SDI input channels or 6 networked channels
  • Ultra fast boot time: the only single field latency (20ms @ 50Hz, 16,7ms @ 59.94Hz) multiview system in the world
  • Dual head UHD, 3Gb/s and HD
  • Unlimited amounts of inputs per dual UHD output configuration or per 8 3Gb/s SDI output configuration
  • A Synapse based modular system: can be combined with over 300 different available audio and video processing modules

TV Skyline chooses Axon's Multiviewer

Wolfgang Reeh, Managing Director of TV Skyline

“With Axon's multiviewer we can cover everything from premium sports events to high end music events.”

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