Interfacing and conversion


Our interfacing and conversion range Synapse, including multiview, master control and routing, continues to deliver new levels of performance harnessing the latest technical innovations. Now offering scalable solutions to produce and deliver content in HD, 3Gb/s and 4K Ultra HD for audiences today, and agnostic solutions including hybrid SDI-IP products for those ready to transition to video over Ethernet, we provide our customers with the capability to differentiate their own products and services.

The system explained

Synapse is a modular system containing multiple 19” frames, active hot swappable cards and (mostly) passive connector panels. It is designed to support demanding mission critical applications in the broadcast industry. Synapse has various unique features that ensure a good return on investment and many years of trouble free operation with the inherent versatility to adapt to changes in this constantly moving industry. Synapse frames offer more than just a housing that hold different processing modules. They are unique intelligent systems that form the foundation of extremely flexible building blocks. These building blocks  range from simple functions like a distribution amplifier to cards that perform a massive array of functions in a single slot, previously only possible with multiple cascade cards.

Low cost of ownership and future proof

  • Single form factor and slot functions
  • Multiple solutions on a single module
  • Ethernet is part of the frame
  • Life time free upgrades
  • Free monitoring, control software

Key features of Synapse

  • All signal processing needs in a single form factor
  • Multiview is an integrated part of Synapse
  • Free monitoring, control and setup with Cortex
  • Master control is part of Synapse
  • Life time free upgrades

e-TV moving a TV Station

Dave Stewart, Chief of Engineering

“I am impressed with both Axon’s technology, its approach and its people. They understood our requirements and have delivered without exception. ”

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