Transport stream analyzer & multiviewer


SMART DVB is a complete suite of tools to monitor, report and analyze live MPEG-2 and DVB transport streams. Powerful and versatile, it enables owners and operators to ensure health, conformity and quality across the complete digital distribution chain and to drive performance at the highest level.

SMART DVB... the integrated platform

SMART DVB addresses challenges by providing comprehensive insight into operational integrity and MPEG-2 DVB stream availability through monitoring, displaying, analyzing and recording stream content, parameters and standards ensuring service configurations and compliance. It significantly simplifies and reduces the cost and time to monitor increasingly complex transport streams from a single channel to large and complex channel lineup in both centralized and distributed network.

SMART DVB advantages

  • Full feature set
  • Stream details
  • Visualization and multiview
  • Deep level monitoring and analysis
  • Simple, practical licenses model

More detailed information about our SMART DVB system?

Joep Akkermans | senior support engineer

What to expect from SMART DVB?

SMART DVB provides the following high level features:

  • TS monitoring against known good template
  • TR 101.290 prio 1/2/3
  • Video black frame/freeze frame monitoring
  • Loudness, audio level and silence monitoring
  • EPG, subtitle and bitrate monitoring
  • Reporting and remote control tool

SMART DVB chosen for program quality

Rocus de Joode | Satellite Network Coordinator at NPO

“It ensures program quality and provides valuable trend analysis”
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When DVB performance
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Frank Enkelaar | senior product manager