IP Processing Platform


Neuron solves every processing task a broadcaster encounters in the IP and legacy domains, enabling multiple channels in a single device.
No more physical cascading of products. Now you interconnect in any order desired. Are you ready?

Three new Neuron options

JPEG XS Compression Option
The low latency processor configured with JPEG XS compression.

With the JPEG XS option, based on IntoPix’s ISO standardized JPEG XS codec, Axon’s Neuron product line is enhanced with compression and decompression functionality.

HDR Conversion Option
The HDR power processor for premium content. With IP and SDI in one unit.
The HDR processors can convert any HDR content from BT.2100-PQ, BT.2100-HLG or Slog3 into a BT.1886/BT.709 SDR version. This conversion is perfectly reversible (SDR to HDR) so that the resulting video is visually identical to the original source.

Audio Matrix Option
The World’s biggest IP audio channel shuffler.
With new IP based audio formats, like ST2110-30 and ST2110-31, the amount of audio channels within a broadcast facility can easily grow into the thousands. Managing which channels belong in which audio streams, and shuffling the various channels from one stream to the other is becoming quite a challenge. With the Neuron Audio Matrix option you can shuffle, mix and delay thousands of audio channels in a 8192×4096 audio matrix.

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  • Native IP, optional SDI connectivity
  • 64x 1080p signals
  • 16x UHD channels
  • 200Gb/s bandwidth
  • Up to 50% less electricity usage

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Heading to an IP infrastructure

  • Universal SDI to Ethernet bridge in Ethernet networks
  • Handles UHD challenges
  • Point to point application for direct replacement of CWDM systems
  • Signal processing in an IP domain

Axon’s Neuron Processor

Makes Its Outside Broadcast Debut On Cloudbass’ New IP Truck

“The UK broadcast services provider has become the first outside broadcast company in the world to use Neuron as its HD-SDI/UHD IP Gateway.”
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