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Neuron will solve every processing task a broadcaster encounters with respect to audio and video in the IP and legacy domains. The high-density 1RU Neuron platform offers IP to IP processing capabilities, handling uncompressed SD, HD, 3G and UHD signals based on the ST2022-6 and ST2110 specifications for transporting media over IP networks. Neuron is fully packed with features like edge synchronizers and converters for processing streams before they enter the core router, reducing complexity in signal routing.

Easing the move to IP

For those heading to a pure native IP infrastructure, Neuron is extremely efficient ‘modular glue’ in a centralised and virtual environment, capable of processing all the tasks needed in a live and baseband video domain. It enables multiple channels in a single device and eliminates physical cascading of products to offer the possibility to interconnect in any order desired, without actually running different cables.

  • Single rack unit
  • 64x 1080p signals
  • 16x UHD channels
  • 200Gb/s bandwidth

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Heading to an IP infrastructure

  • Universal SDI to Ethernet bridge in Ethernet networks
  • SDI router replacement
  • Handles 4k 4 wire challenges
  • Point to point application for direct replacement of CWDM systems

Axon unveils Neuron

world's first Network Attached Processor for broadcast IP environments

“100Gb/s cable signal processing platform to be launched at IBC2018”
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