Control panels


A number of remote hardware control panels have been designed to work with the Cerebrum system, and give customers the option of choosing the most appropriate control surface for a particular application. The panels connect to the server using an IP connection. The panels feature LCD buttons with an RGB backlight to allow a very flexible, dynamic and limitless interface created using the Form Designer. Multiple rows of text with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese fonts or icons can be shown on a single button giving no restrictions other than the resolution of the LCD as to what can be displayed to the user.

Our control panel options

  • LCD button panels

    CCP1601B – Cerebrum Control Panel 1U 16 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder
    CCP3201B –  Cerebrum Control Panel 2U 32 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder
    CCP4801B – Cerebrum Control Panel 2U 48 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder
    CCP4200B – Cerebrum Control Panel 1RU 42 LCD buttons
    CCP6002B – Cerebrum Control Panel 2RU 60 LCD buttons and 2 rotary encoders
    CCP8002B – Cerebrum Control Panel 2RU 80 LCD buttons and 2 rotary encoders


  • LED button panels

    CCP2410 – Cerebrum Control Panel 1U 34 LED buttons and 3 eight character displays
    CCP4800B – Cerebrum Control Panel 1U 48 LED buttons

  • GPI/O panel

    CGP4848 – Cerebrum GPI/O 1U unit with 48 opto isolated inputs and 48 relay outputs