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We start by being open: designing a control and monitoring system that embraces everyone else’s. It connects to all the hardware and software which engineers already use. One dashboard, where nothing escapes your control. You have total oversight. We also designed it to be robust in the most complex organizations and scenarios – for mega teams and workflows, and global productions. That’s why it is built on a database system making it high performance in every situation. Big and complex, or small and simple. And we designed it to be easy for the layman, and advanced for the seasoned expert to be able to customize everything.

Cerebrum 2.0. More power and control.

The biggest ever update to the world’s most powerful control software. Cerebrum 2.0 is more compatible.
More customisable. And now the easiest way to monitor and control broadcast systems. Put yourself in total control.

  • IP ready
  • Simpler and quicker for engineers
  • Full control of Axon and 3rd party systems
  • Over 50 new features
  • Over 160 protocols


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 1U 48 LED buttons


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 1U 16 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 2U 32 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 2U 48 LCD buttons and 1 rotary encoder


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 1RU 42 LCD buttons


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 2RU 60 LCD buttons and 2 rotary encoders


  • Cerebrum Control Panel 2RU 80 LCD buttons and 2 rotary encoders


  • Cerebrum GPI/O 1U unit with 48 opto isolated inputs and 48 relay outputs

Cerebrum Key Features

  • Intuitive UI wizard
  • 100% customization to your workflows
  • Built on a database system for speed
  • Zero downtime
  • Low cost of ownership

What to expect from Cerebrum?

Making complex workflows easy to control by:

  • One interface to control many devices
  • Fully customizable appearance of your graphical interface
  • Change entire signal flows by the press of one button
  • Control and monitor routers with your customized forms
  • Combine multiple customized interfaces into one form

Timeline puts Cerebrum Control in its new IP 4K OB van

Daniel McDonnell, MD of Timeline

“We have complete confidence that Cerebrum will provide agile and robust control on-board our new 4K IP truck. ”
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