South African production facility selects Compliance Recording

AXON Digital Design, has announced a major contract with Urban Brew Studios in South Africa. The project sees the privately owned Johannesburg-based digital production facility standardizing on Axon’s TRACS2 compliance recording system including the company’s SynView multi-viewer platform.

Over 27 years, Urban Brew Studios has established one of the most sophisticated digital production facilities in South Africa. It provides live digital production studios, ENG crews, OB facilities and all the post-production, graphics and audio facilities required to bring TV channels to air. Channels broadcast from Urban Brew include Soweto TV, One Gospel, Bay TV and 1 KZN TV.

Now, Urban Brew has standardized on Axon’s TRACS2 system for all of its legally obliged compliance recording needs. The company is installing six Axon SD-SDI TRACS2 compliance recorders, each capable of storing 90 days of broadcast material. To monitor the output channels, Axon will install its 38-channel capacity SynView multiviewer at Urban Brew Studios. In this application it is equipped with two monitoring inputs.

For Urban Brew, a key feature of TRACS2 is live stream forwarding, which enables the user to create a unicast or multicast (depending on system settings) of a live video stream over a local area network. All computers on the network can hook up to this video and audio stream without needing the TRACS client application and without using up additional bandwidth per individual live view.

“Compliance recording is a legal requirement in South Africa and we evaluated many systems before selecting Axon’s TRACS2,” commented Sakkie Ferreira, Head of Operations at Urban Brew Studios. “With TRACS2 being used to record many hundreds of TV channels worldwide we believe that it is the natural choice, plus the great local support provided by Jasco makes the decision even easier to make.”
More and more broadcasters worldwide are now legally obliged to provide recordings of their transmissions pretty much on-demand. Being able to quickly prove that a transmission actually happened can help to resolve a dispute, or maintain advertiser confidence. Axon’s third-generation compliance recording system makes compliance easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever.

TRACS2 is based on the Linux OS and runs on dedicated hardware equipped with RAID 5-configured disks. There is no tape stock, recorder or storage costs - it offers low operator and maintenance costs creating potentially dramatic savings. The system is safe and secure, providing automatic recording with no direct access to recorded content and a sophisticated user-management system.

TRACS2 is easy to use - search and retrieval is fast and simple, even for multiple users. The system is compact - rack-mountable (just 1RU high) with a small footprint and no tape storage implications.
“Last year, we installed over 200 channels of TRACS2 making it the leading compliance recording and video logging system worldwide and this important project indicates its growing popularity in the international market,” commented Geert-Jan Gussen, marketing manager at Axon Digital Design. “Throughout its history, Urban Brew Studios has cemented a reputation as a technology pioneer and a top class provider of production services to South Africa’s broadcast community so we are honoured to be able to include them on our customer list.”