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NEP UK, leading OB and broadcast facilities provider, is the trusted partner to the most-watched and mission-critical events around the world.
The company relies on Axon’s Cerebrum control and monitoring platform to allow it to deliver a consistent superior service, adapt quickly to changing client needs and to efficiently manage and scale its business.

The need for a control system to manage complex workflows

From large international broadcasts, regular sports coverage to small regional productions, NEP UK covers it all. With a fleet of high-spec OB vehicles, flight-case systems and remote facilities, the team offers scalable solutions, tailored to clients specific requirements.

An early-adopter, NEP UK has invested in the latest IP technologies, including Grass Valley core infrastructure, to work smarter and keep it at the top of its game. It needed an open control and monitoring solution, capable of managing and adapting to these complex technology layers to deliver a  reliable and seamless workflow – easily and cost-effectively.

In addition, with increased business has come tighter project turnarounds and the need to improve resource management to keep services cost-effective. It was critical that NEP UK had the flexibility to reconfigure systems at speed, scale up and down as required and enable some productions to be run by a single engineer with ease.

Simply slicker with Cerebrum

NEP UK has deployed Cerebrum across its production facilities, including high-end IP OB vehicles and remote production flight-case systems. An open platform, Cerebrum seamlessly integrates and provides native control of the widest range of third-party technologies available, including NEP’s Grass Valley IP infrastructure. With or without the Orbit control layer providing solutions that deliver a seamless IP workflow. 

Operators can view and manage the entire workflow with ease through Cerebrum’s user-friendly graphical interface. With simple push-button control, it shields them from the complex and changing technology layer beneath so that they can focus on their job and undertake tasks in just minutes. Engineers can confidently manage productions whilst solving engineering problems at the heart of the system and not fighting with simple tasks made difficult by unintuitive and cumbersome bespoke control software.

“Cerebrum can cope with whatever we throw at it. It makes the process so much slicker and a lot faster at every step. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Axon. They’re always responsive, innovative, really understand what we need to achieve and their support is fantastic. The technology and people are a winning combination for our business”.
Gareth Phillips, Head of Vision and VT at NEP UK

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Are you curious about the end result of the project? Do you want to know what challenges NEP UK encountered during the search for a system and the implementation of Cerebrum? Download the case study here. If you want to know more about Cerebrum or want to try the system out for yourself, please contact us for a free trial.