Navigating the road to IP

IP in itself is not the final goal – it is a path to the next stage. As an industry, we must prepare for a future where data centers will manage the vast amount of the processing we will need to perform, and these may not necessarily be located close to the action. These data centers will be limited to Ethernet I/O and this makes the future backbone of our industry Ethernet-centric. It is this end goal we need to keep front of mind.

Whilst our future lies in Ethernet, what is becoming increasingly clear is that every application needs its own specific technology – one standard does not fit all – and this is leading to confusion amongst broadcasters and manufacturers alike.

Axon’s strategy remains both customer-focused and pragmatic. We are committed to delivering products and hybrid solutions that the industry needs as it moves from SDI to IP, providing control for these products with our latest NMOS-ready Cerebrum software platform. In addition, Axon remains agnostic, working on the next generation of products where Ethernet is the default interface and SDI is finally put to rest with the respect it deserves.