IP in Live Production

IP is transforming live production: unlocking the potential to work smarter, open up new revenue opportunities and enhance the viewing experience to engage audiences as never before. Axon, pioneer of IP technologies, provides a complete IP solution that lets production companies meet market demand for multi-format content, enjoy the speed and flexibility of IP, future-proof their investment and stay at the top of their game.

The Challenges

Whilst the commercial, operational and creative advantages are clear, navigating a path to IP can be overwhelming. How do you bring multi-vendor technologies together to deliver a robust workable solution? How do you meet the demand for multiple formats and manage costs? How do you deploy new technology with minimal impact on your busy production schedule? Moreover, how do you keep it simple? That’s where Axon can help. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the pitfalls of IP deployment, Axon meets these challenges head-on to let you take advantage of the power of an IP framework and explore new opportunities with confidence. 

Key features 

  • IP Routing
  • Control and monitor IP and SDI based workflows
  • Tally and UMD management
  • IP and SDI video and audio processing
  • IP audio matrix
  • Interoperability between ST2022, ST2110 and SDI
  • HDR conversion
  • more……

A one-stop IP solution

Axon’s IP live production solution unleashes the power of IP into your operations, helping you break free from the constraints of traditional infrastructure, but at a pace that works for you. Designed to be open, scalable and future-proof, this flexible solution provides a robust unified infrastructure that reduces the complexity of multi-vendor technologies and streamlines workflows. It lets you adapt to the needs of different customers, productions and multiple formats to stay competitive and grow your business.

  • Simplifies and controls complex layers of multi-vendor technologies in a unified infrastructure
  • Delivers elegant and efficient workflows to drive productivity and help you work smarter;
  • Integrates with legacy systems to let you protect your investment and dictate the pace of IP adoption;
  • Speedily switch between SDI and IP workflows– saving significant time on set-up and configuration;
  • Scalable, primed to deliver the needs of clients today & in the future 

Bringing it all together

The three critical elements in IP-based live production environments are of course video, audio and a central management system. Axon comprehensively addresses each of these areas with the Neuron and Cerebrum product lines. We bring it all together, so you’re ready for today and can face what’s next with confidence. 

  1. Neuron IP processing
  2. Neuron IP Audio Matrix
  3. Cerebrum control for IP Routing

Axon enables you now to buy these major elements from a single source.

A winning formula
As you enter the brave new world of IP, Axon is here to support you every step of the way with a complete IP solution that will drive your business and ambitions. For a free Cerebrum trial and a Neuron demonstration, please contact one of our product experts.

Download the complete app note here or get in touch with us!