Technical Guide to HDR & WCG

The development of television technology has been a continuing search for greater picture resolution. During the 21st century, the rate of innovation and research has increased, resulting in HD now being challenged by Ultra High Definition (UHD) and its 4K higher resolution. The pace has accelerated considerably over the last five years, as OTT and streaming services have changed the broadcasting landscape, to bring a cinematic, immersive experience into the home.
In a new paper, “The Road to Enhanced Pictures: A technical guide to HDR and WCG”, our CTO and VP of R&D Peter Schut discusses the challenges faced by both broadcasters and manufacturers as they strive for better pixels, improved colour reproduction and a higher dynamic range.

In this guide, developed from our successful webinar series on the subject, Schut provides a comprehensive explanation of the colour and imaging issues involved and how the broadcast sector might address these changes in the coming years.  “Unlike other emerging technologies, HDR is a real game-changer, Schut claims. “It will provide a transformative viewing experience to the mass market and one that requires minimum effort from the viewer. As an industry, we need to provide better pixels and do it right first time. We have one chance and if we get it wrong audiences will switch off.”

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