Transition to IP: Broadcast 101 Series

Broadcasters are increasingly considering IP as the next step in their workflows and operations, attracted by the potential of greater agility, flexibility and efficiency. As an industry we have finally built a consensus on a common IP standard and are forging ahead with the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards. However, there are more challenges to conquer when moving to an IP broadcast infrastructure.

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Join Axon’s Broadcast 101 Series & Prepare for IP

Axon, working closely with early adopters of IP production workflows, has experienced first-hand the many challenges of making the transition from SDI and we are keen to share the lessons we have learnt with you.  In our new Broadcast IP 101 series, our team will be providing useful advice and resources to help you prepare to move to and navigate an IP environment, with vital insight from real-world examples. Our second webinar in these series was:

 “IP key ingredients & standards – a comprehensive overview”

Fresh from NAB 2018, our CEO Jan Eveleens hosted the second webinar in our Broadcast IP 101 series, focusing on the key ingredients & standards of IP broadcast infrastructure.

In this 60-minute webinar, Jan provided a comprehensive overview and discussed in detail the relevant standards for video and audio transport and how they relate to each other. He will also touch upon the latest IP developments presented during NAB2018.

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The recording of this webinar can be watched here: Recording webinar.

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