Axon is committed to protecting the environment. Axon addresses environmental concern in its products, in its packaging, building and probably most important in its employees minds.

Work environment
Axon’s HQ is a modern building with insulated walls and double glass. It’s light management contains energy-saving TL light in combination with motion detection. Axon utilizes green power.

Axon puts great effort in making all required functionality available on a card rather then individual boxes or frames. The use of FPGA’s i.s.o. integrating in a PC limits the energy required enormously. Axon aims to keep ‘modulizing’ new and complex functionality. Axon develops its modules to contain a multiple feature-set, which saves on the amount of modules required in a system, both preserving energy as well as customers funding. Axon’s products have high performance outputs that can run long cable length, thus limiting the amount of required distribution amplifiers. The products are all developed according to the relative environmental standards such as EMC, RoHS and WEEE, restricting e.g. the use of lead to the minimum.

Axon puts great care in balancing the environmental friendly packaging with absolute protection for our products. In order to limit the amount of packaging, Axon offers to mount all the cards in the frame at customer’s sequence free of charge. The availability of 3 sizes in card-frames is an additional packaging and shipping benefit.

RoHS, WEEE and packaging regulations
The rapid development of new technology has created a high volume of hazardous electrical and electronic waste. The RoHS Regulations restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in new equipment. This makes it easier to recycle equipment and protects human health and the environment. The RoHS and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations will work together. The WEEE Regulations will require businesses to take responsibility for the costs of recycling and the safe disposal of electrical and electronic equipment.Packaging legislation is driven by the Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive which is concerned with minimizing the creation of packaging waste material and promotes energy recovery, re-use and recycling of packaging.

AXON hereby confirms that any material used for products is compliant with the directives.