Cerebrum Certification Program

Cerebrum is a strong software platform that makes the control and monitoring of an IP or traditional broadcast infrastructure easier, more efficient and cost effective than ever. Cerebrum provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, monitor and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry.

Become a certified Cerebrum professional
There is a global demand in the broadcast market for this successful software platformTo meet this demand in our high standards, we and our customers and partners are constantly looking for technical professionals who can implement Cerebrum worldwide.

Why Cerebrum certifications?
To meet up to our high standards we want our professionals to be certified. Cerebrum certification helps professionals acquire and demonstrate the skills and competences they need to build a monitoring and control system in a broadcast environment.

Cerebrum training levels and focus areas
Axon offers various certification paths for specific Cerebrum topics. We offer certification programs based on attention and skill level – whether you are a consultant, system integrator or end-user. If you want to sharpen your Cerebrum skills or add them to your knowledge range, we have a training that is right for you.

Get the most value from certification opportunities by following our multi-tiered certification paths – from Essential* to Expert**** certifications – for specific subjects.  First, you will get an introduction to the Cerebrum software system. This includes an explanation of the possibilities of the system, customer cases and examples.

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Bob Ahlers | Cerebrum application specialist

Exams and certificates
All training levels will have an exam like ending to see if the user is able to reproduce or de-bug code. A certificate will prove their level of experience.

  • Essential level*
  • Intermediate level**
  • Advanced level***
  • Expert level****

If you want to know more about these training levels, download the document here>>

With a Cerebrum certification, you are able to:

  • Expand your career in the broadcast industry;
  • Have a training certifications widely recognized in the industry;
  • Challenging projects with leading customers
  • Gain an externally-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek;
  • Differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace;
  • Execute your tasks with confidence and skill.

Want challenging projects with leading broadcasters?

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