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Axon Cortex

CORTEX... Take control, make life easier

In modern broadcasting, the multi-platform delivery and multi-purpose repackaging of materials demand that you master a diversity of workflows. AXON’s Cortex software application makes the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective than ever. Cortex provides comprehensive tools to configure,monitor and maintain not only the complete range of Synapse products, but also a wide variety of other devices.

The result is that you, and limitless numbers of users, can take total control over multiple and complex routines. Ultimately, you can make your work flow how you want it to flow.

Better by design

Like all AXON products, Cortex is based on our expertise, enhanced by what customers tell us they need. So, along with being packed with useful features and extensive functionality, Cortex is also highly-customisable and intuitive to operate.

Adapts to your workflow

Flexibility is essential. Cortex delivers the common control and monitoring interface for 150+ processing modules in therenowned Synapse range, plus a wealth of devices from different manufacturers – such as computers, routers, waveformmonitors, receiver decoders – using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

Lower cost of ownership

A trademark benefit of AXON systems is reduced total cost of ownership. Cortex can be downloaded free-of-charge, buteven on costed options its comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness combine to reduce the need for manualintervention, offering you potentially dramatic savings.

Key features & overview

Cortex is a Windows-based application whose advanced functionality and broad range of features make life easier. The brains behind your many and varied workflows, Cortex allows users to remotely:

Maintain… a workflow over its lifetime. Cortex employs Ethernet communication to each device in your chosen workflow, providing the ability to both configureand monitor devices at local and remote sites. It uses an SQL database to record, view and archive historical workflowevents as well as store the user-definable aspects of each device’s configuration. This database can also be redeployed for the user’s own requirements via ODBC or similar interface. The application allows up to 64 user-groups to be defined. For each group the level of access can be restricted, not only to program functionality but also to control access of individual settings on specific devices. Limitless users can be added and assigned to one of these groups, each with their own unique password. This ensures that Cortex can be used in operations where conditional access is required, and as an administrative tool. Cortex is available free-of-charge to customers from AXON’s website ( It works with all Synapse products without upgrade or the purchase of additional software. Advanced features, such as integrated router control, user-configurable GUIs and third-party SNMP monitoring, are available as costed options, and are protected by the use of a USB dongle for the purchased options.

Quick & easy configuration

Within its clear, intuitive interface Cortex provides you with the tools to configure your workflow with speed and ease. Each device is represented by one, or more, graphical dialogue interfaces, which are shown automatically in the Control view when the device is selected. These provide a clear idea of the function and signal flow within the module, and make clear what effect the setting has on the signal path. Visualisations for some devices, such as Synapse Aspect Ratio Converters, are given for the output display. If you need further clarification of function a view to the manual for the selected card is always available. You can save the configuration of a device as a template file, or to the clipboard, and quickly copy it to other selected devices in the workflow. Using Cortex’s Compare function, the settings and status of a device of the same type can be compared, with any differences highlighted. To ease some aspects of configuration, and to make monitoring of the system more applicable to each user’s particular application, additional data can be added about the location, channel and/or service the device is providing. There is also a free-form notes field for all other critical information.

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