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Why Connecting OB

In an ever-changing technical landscape, broadcast professionals need to keep abreast of newly emerging technologies, standards and the complex workflows employed to deliver the engaging live content that viewers demand of live sports, news and events. Connecting OB presents a series of five videos to discuss the challenges of control and monitoring and share best practices and techniques. The videos will be hosted by Geoff Love, a respected Solutions Architect at Axon Digital Design.


Axon invites anyone involved in Outside Broadcast production to join the discussion via the Connecting OB group on Linkedin. Want to stay updated about ConnectingOB? Sign up and be the first to see the new episodes!

Why Cerebrum control and monitoring

Cerebrum provides comprehensive tools to configure, control, monitor and maintain products from any manufacturer within and beyond the broadcasting industry. The result is that multiple operators can take total control over multiple and complex routines. Ultimately, you can define how you want to represent your workflow.

Cerebrum is a Windows-based system whose advanced functionality and broad range of features simplify multi device monitoring and control onto one easy-to-use interface. Cerebrum forms the brains behind your many and varied workflows. It allows users to remotely:

Cerebrum deploys IP/Ethernet communication to each device in your chosen workflow, providing the ability to both configure and monitor devices at local and remote sites. It uses an SQL database to record, view and archive historical events, as well as store the user-defined aspects of each device’s configuration. This database can also be deployed for the user’s own requirements via ODBC or similar interface. The application allows up to 64 user-groups to be defined. For each group the level of access can be restricted, not only to program functionality but also to control access of individual settings on specific devices. Limitless numbers of users can be added and assigned to one of these groups, each with their own unique password. This ensures that Cerebrum can be used in operational areas where control of user access is required, as well as being an administrative tool. Advanced features, such as integrated router control, user-configurable GUIs, SNMP control & monitoring and UMD and Tally management are available as options.

Watch our introductory video on Cerebrum click here.

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