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Transport stream analyzer & multiviewer

Broadcasters and Network operators have a commercial and legislative obligation to perform at the highest level. In day-to-day practice this means that they need to have the ability to instantaneously validate the integrity of transmission, signaling, metadata and content as well as being able to backtrack issues. Failure to identify and diagnose broadcast transmission issues typically results in a poor Quality of Experience for the viewer, leading to churn or more direct penalties stipulated in B2B carriage contracts or loss of advertising revenue.

A lack of insight and communication between Network Operating Center, 2nd line engineering and customer care center can leave call-center agents unaware of service issues, causing unnecessary issue reports, more load on the call center and frustrated subscribers.

If you are a broadcaster outsourcing transmission functions to third parties or a legal authority monitoring the performance of broadcast licensees, you may want to verify the uptime figures of your third parties, rather than relying on their reports.

The SMART DVB product range offers solutions to all these challenges in a broadcasting environment, whether this spans a large and complex channel lineup or only one or a few channels, the network is distributed or centralized and caters for a wide range of transmission methods.

SMART will be showcased at ANGACOM2016 which will be held in Cologne, Germany from June 7-9, stand 10.1/T-30. For more information please fill out our contact form.

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