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Compact routers

Up to 40x40 routing in a full Synapse compatible form factor

SynCross is a Synapse based modular video routing system capable of switching 3Gb/s, HD, SD, fiber, CVBS and HDMI signals, as well as compressed domain signals such as ASI/DVB and SSI/SMPTE-310. The SynCross routing system can occupy from 1 slot in a Synapse frame for a 8 input / 8 output system up to 5 slots for a system with 40 inputs and outputs. It is very simple to expand a SynCross system up to 40 inputs and outputs, both in electrical or fiber or a mix between optical and electrical. This system can be controlled via Ethernet, Cortex Control Panels or Cortex. ACP and a RS422 port are available for control with automation systems. SynCross uses a special interconnection board that connects 2, 3, 4 or 5 connector panels.

SynCross has major advantages over competing systems:

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