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Rack controllers, Ethernet, Reference and alarm GPI

The Rack controller is the hart of the Synapse system. It tells the user what cards are present, what kind of alarms are reported and is the gateway to control the modules. It also provides the possibility to back-up and restore all user settings of the cards present in the same frame. This controller comes standard in each frame and is mounted in theback of the frame without sacrificing a card slot. It also provides the I/O for the dual redundant central genlock (single on the SFR04).

Central genlock (A)
(2 and 3 level sync and word clock)
The Synapse range has a built-in reference distribution system (dual for the SFR18, SFR08 and single for the SFR04).

GPI/O out (B)
Power supply failure and programmable GPI’s can be monitored.

Ethernet (C)
Built-in Ethernet based networking.

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