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Multi stream Dolby Digital (Plus) encoder with Dolby E decoder

  • Up to 4 times 2.0 Dolby Digital (Plus) outputs
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital (Plus) + 2.0 Dolby Digital (Plus)
  • Individual offset delay per input
  • Individual gain control per input (except bitstream input)
  • Able to handle all AES/EBU input formats
  • Full audio channel shuffling
  • Ability to use the Synapse ADD-ON bus for in and output purposes
  • Locks to Black & Burst, AES input and Mastercard.
  • Full control and status monitoring through the front panel of the SFR04/SFR08/SFR18 frame and the Ethernet port (ACP)
  • Decoding Dolby E (DDP84 only)

DDP14: Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus encoder
DDP84: Dolby Digital and/or Dolby Digital Plus encoder with Dolby E decoder

I/O panel:
BPL08: I/O panel for DDP14-84


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